Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day

First of all, thank you all for your congratulations. That's the most comments I've had, and that made me excited!

Today was great! I love the school! I love the team! I love the principal! I am so blessed and know that God had this job in mind for me all along.

Today was mostly just spent getting a feel for things. We went to the warehouse (an old gym filled with old furniture no one wants) and got me a few pieces of furniture to get me by until all my BRAND NEW classroom furniture arrives! I get new things! I can't wait. I moved furniture around to how I think I want it for now. I got to know the other teachers. After that, I headed to buy things to decorate and book shelves and lamps.

Tomorrow I'm dragging Anthony up there to help put things together and carry all my boxes in.

I realized today that I have truly become lazy and out of shape from all my days of sitting on the couch and laying by the pool I am so worn out and I didn't even do much.

So, now I'm off to eat pizza and watch the Hannah Montana movie!


Kate Craig said...

I so wish you were my friend in real life and I could watch it with you. I love the Disney Channel. And Miley Cyrus :)

JG said...

Very cool. So glad you are enjoying it. Enjoy that pizza!! (we're on a diet...grr....)