Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

We've made it a year! And boy what a year it has been. Here's a recap of our first year of marriage.

~We were married September 27, 2008.
~We took a 5 day cruise to the Caribbean for our Honeymoon.
~Anthony left October 7, 2008 for Basic Training.
~We spent 6 1/2 weeks apart with only 2 letters and 2 phone calls.
~The next 4 1/2 months we lived four hours apart, but we could see each other on weekends and talk on the phone.
~March 12, Anthony finally came back to live with me.
~April 5, Anthony left for our new base while I finished my last week of school.
~April 9, I joined Anthony at our new base.
~April 15, we moved into our new townhome, where we would finally live TOGETHER.
~We then endured my unemployment for 5 months.

It's been a challenging year, with many tears, but we have made it and we are stronger because of what we have been through. And, it could have been worse. I know that many other wives, and even my readers, spend even less time with their husband. I was very blessed that Anthony has been in the states the whole first year of our marriage.

We had planned a trip to Dallas for Sunday to spend the night and celebrate. Anthony had taken leave Monday and I had taken a day off work because he couldn't get off Saturday. But of course, things could not go as planned. Anthony now has to go into work on Monday. But, after our first year, I guess that is only fitting. I was talking to my grandmother about how I felt and she reminded me that I should be grateful for what I do have. At least we are in a position we are able to go out and celebrate. We both have jobs and money. And Anthony is HERE with ME. So, my attitude's changed. We are going to Dallas tomorrow to spend the day and enjoy wonderful food and fun! I'm super excited about our great food. We are also meeting my mom to pick up our year old wedding cake. You can't have a first anniversary without that!

I'm leaving you with some of my favorite wedding pictures. Atleast my favorite of the ones I can find. I am not sure what I did with my CD. (But don't worry, Mom has a CD, too. Although, I do get my forgetfullness and ability to lose things from her. )

Happy Anniversary Honey!


Jessica said...

Congrats on 1 year!!! Sounds like it's been a tough one for you two. I've always heard the first year is the toughest (in normal circumstances) so hopefully the 2nd will be all that much better!
Your pics are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Have a wonderful time in Dallas.

Jessica Lynn said...

Congratulations!!!! Love your photos :)

Steph said...

Happy Anniversary! The pics are beautiful.

Kate Craig said...

cute pics! looks like you had a nice day!