Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today was Amazing

I love teaching kindergarten. Atleast I do so far. The first day was pretty eventless, for the most part. We spent most of the day going over rules and procedures. Much like the first day of school. No one cried because they didn't want to be in my room, so that as a plus. I did have 2 kids fall on the playground and get knots on their heads, so we made 2 trips to the nurse's office but both were fine.

Then I had a little boy that was not so happy about the transition. He kept asking to go back to his class. He pleaded that he wanted to go to his other class because it was pretty. That conversation went something like this:
Me: Well, our room as pretty and fun.
Student: No, if it was pretty it would have red roses all over the walls. (His old class had no roses)
Me: Yeah, but we have clouds on the wall. Clouds are pretty.
Student: Clouds are stupid.
I have up and sent him to play. I was tired of that arguement. He later told me that his mom said he wasn't supposed to talk to strangers and couldn't talk to me. Then told me that his mom said he couldn't come to my room. I wasn't buying it. But I played along for fun. He's going to keep me entertained this year!

Everything else went smooth. I'm still learning how to talk to a large group of five year olds and them understand and be able to do what I ask. I sing alot. Poor kids. I'm an awful singer. But it works.

I'm tired, but nowhere near as tired as I thought I'd be. I even ran to Hobby Lobby after work. I came home and enjoyed leftover Pei Wei and am watching reality tv until I crash. I'm loving things so far! I truly feel blessed!


*kimmie* said...

YAY! Glad you loved it! Will call tomorrow after work, today was a mess.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the first day went well. Singing, dancing, funny motions all keep that age range entertained. And who cares of you look odd as long as they are learning right!?
I hope the rest of your week continues to be fun.

d.a.r. said...

I am soooo happy you are so happy! It is awesome to find a job you love this much!