Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Month

I am so excited that today is November 1st.  It means that...

~I'm going home to see my family in just 12 days!  My last trip was canceled due to a sick dog.
~Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving lunch/dinner (who knows when we'll actually eat.)  My parents are coming down to visit and enjoy Thanksgiving.  It will sure beat my last Thanksgiving spent alone in a hotel on base and eating base cafeteria food.  I was happy, however, that I finally got to spend some time with Anthony, even if we weren't allowed to be go to my hotel room or leave the base.
~Black Friday shopping is quickly approaching.  I love this day!
~I can put up Christmas decor in only 4 weeks!  I love decorating for Christmas!  I love Christmas!
~I am a month closer to seeing my best friend Kimmie!

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The Mrs. said...

try washing the outside of your car. I did this after my mom suggested it and it helped some. Spring for the expensive wash though!

I love november, the gear up towards the holidays is energizing.