Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kindergarten in Review

This week, I've taught...

1.  It is not okay to pick your wedgie in front of people.  It was very difficult explaining to the poor girl why a boy had called her nasty for picking her wedgie in class.
2.  The improtance of keeping your shoes tied.  If you don't you'll land on your face and spill your cup with your newly planted seed.
3.  Accidently, read about the male frogs putting their sperms on the females' eggs.  Thankfully I cuaght myself when I got to the word sperm and the kids didn't seem to notice.
4.  It is impossible to ACCIDENTLY bite someone's finger or to ACCIDENTLY choke someone.  I mean expeect me to believe either of those were an accident?
5.  Treat others how you want to be treated.  And this was not to a kindergartener, but instead, to a colleague.  She talks to everyone very disrespectfully and most are scared of her.  I refused to let her talk to me that way and just accept it.  I took the easy way out and emailed her a very respectful email  express that it was not okay to talk to me that way and that I expected to be treated the way she would want to be treated.  She responded, not by appologizing, but instead by totally missing the point.  I just let it go.  If she wants to be an old lady with no friends, then it's her choice.  I did my part to try to help her.  But, since she doesn't think I should be treated with respect, I hope she doesn't expect to recieve any respect from me. 

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