Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Year

It has been exactly one year ago (yesterday) since I said goodbye to family and friends and started my new life as a military wife.  I left the middle of DFW to leave in the middle of the desert.  And while I do miss my friends back home, I have truely been blessed with the many changes that God has brought my way.

Good bye dinner with my great friend Caren.

I have been able to spend a full year living with my husband.  We've learned so much about each other and about being married.  Being away from family and friends has truely brought us closer.

I have made lots of new friends who are also military wives.  Friends that know what I am going through and that I know I can call on.

I have found a wonderful job teaching kindergarten at a school I absolutely love.  I know exactly why God made me wait until after school started to find a position.  The school I am at is filled with some amazing Godly women who I am blessed to be able to call my friends.

While I'm not so excited about the deployment looming over our heads, I am excited about the things the deployment will bring.  I will get to spend 2 full months with my parents.  I haven't done this since I graduated high school.  I will be able to go visit San Antonio and California and maybe even DC.  I will get to spend time with friends I've missed.  And I won't have to feel guilty about being away to do all of these things. 

I guess change isn't so bad after all.

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Jessica said...

I love that you are looking at all those positives with the deployment. Hopefully with all that going on, the time will fly by!