Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend, the dogs and I loaded up the car and headed to visit my family.  The weekend was pretty low key.  I started cleaning out my brother's old closet and room because I will be staying there this summer.  It took us 2 hours just to clean out the floor of the closet and it couldn't be any more than 15 squre feet, and I doubt it's even that much.  Frankie stays with me and my parents and is completely spoiled there.  Here he is with the new toy Mom bought him for the weekend.  He left it there for next time, but I recieved a text tonight with a picture of a destroyed stuffed dog.  Frankie will be so sad.

Sam stays with his "Gran."  He's so spoiled there and can do no wrong.  She leaves the back door open so he can come and go as he pleases.  Well, Monday, it rained.  And her backyard lacks grass.  Well, he tracked mud all through her living room.  But of course, it was all her fault!  Anway, she called Saturday to ask if I had a water hose because Sam really likes drinking out of the water hose.  So, the next day when  I was there, she got the water hose out for him again.  I have a feeling after he lives with her this summer, he won't want to come home with  me.

Also, while I was home, Mom and I did some shopping (in stores and online) for a new comforter/bedsprade for the room I will be staying in while I am home.  This is what we ended up settling on.  Kohls was having wonderful sales online, and shipping was free!  We have a fun blue and brown lamp that we were trying to match!  I think it will look really good with some brown throw pillows.  I can't wait for it to come in and see how it looks in person!

And on a totally unrelated was the last day of school!   I was definately more excited than the kids!


Brittney said...

I like that bedding! I'm hoping to redo our bedroom in those colors when we move!

Also, I just made my blog private, so I was wondering if I could get your email address so you can continue to read it, you can go to my profile to find my email. Thanks!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Yay for the last day of school!

I do love your shopping finds :) I'm really crazy about wanting to switch up our bedroom stuff every so often and now this has made me want to even more.