Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am sure most of you have heard of the wonderful promotion Shutterfly is having where bloggers can earn 50 free holiday cards.  I LOVE Shutterfly!  I have made several of their photo books.  We used them as Christmas presents with wedding pictures and to document vacations and important events.  I think it will be neat to continue making them and have a whole shelf of books that tell the stories of our lives.  We've even made a couple calendars and have one hanging in the kitchen now. 

     Last year was my first year for photocards and I couldn't have been happier with them.  This year they have lots of new styles of both photo cards and holiday cards.   And what's better than great Christmas cards...FREE.  You should go over and check it out!  Here's the link for the promo.  It's so easy, you just have to chose some of your favorites, add some links, and write about Shutterfly.   

And here are some of my favorites:

I've already been playing around with the photos in different cards.  Now I just have to decide on one card.  That'll be the tough part!

*Edited after recieving Shutterfly email.  Just a helpful hint, submit your form and wait for a response before you post your blog!  It took less that 24 hours for me.

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Stacie said...

Thanks for posting this, I needed an extra shove to get me moving on our Christmas cards! And thanks also so much for your comment on my book post, buying books for your students is such a great idea! :-)