Monday, November 15, 2010

What a Wonderful Monday

I did NOT have high expectations for today.  I slept horrible because Anthony was gone.  And it was a Monday.  But, today turned out pretty amazing, and here's why.

-Nobody cried today in my class!!!  First day in over a week.
-I came home to find out Anthony doesn't have to be back at work until shift time tomorrow.  (They have been doing an exercise and he was having to work 5pm-6am, which doesn't allow much us time, or much sleep time for him.)
-I don't have to cook.  When I found out Anthony would be home for dinner, I started to plan dinner.  He insisted we eat the leftover chicken enchiladas so we don't have to throw them out.
-And best of all, I found these when I was forced to go to Walmart since the commisary was closed.
Now, on to enjoying my Oreos and watching football with my honey!


AF Recruiters Wife said...

Yum- those are my husbands FAVORITE! Yea for now crying! That's a big accomplishment

Brittney said...

Those oreos look amazing! Must have soon, ha!