Friday, November 12, 2010

Shwoo, I'm Still Alive

I wasn't sure I'd make it.  What happened you ask?  Twenty 6-7 year olds who haven't had more than a 2 day weekend since the beginning of September and a teacher who needs a break.  That's what happened.

This year, our district decided they wanted to get us done with school before June (very rare in Texas with the new rules that started a few years ago).  In order to do that, they took away almost any extra day off.  We still have the big ones, but no little 3 day weekends.  It has resulted in some exhausted and antsy students, as well as teacher. 

My students wouldn't listen unless I yelled.  Then, I think they were just too scared to speak.  (I don't yell on a regular basis, I blame it on my exhaustion.)  There was not a day this week that didn't bring tears (not mine).  Tears because they were in trouble.  Tears because they didn't do what they wanted.  And today, tears because I caught him trying to steal from my treasure chest and took away both the earned prize and stollen one.  And not little tears.  Big sobbing, screaming tears.  Wednesday, I really wanted to throw a fit too.

I have never been so tired in my life.  I'd come home and just collapse and do nothing.  I was so pleased that Anthony wanted to go enjoy free dinner last night because I wasn't sure if I'd have the energy to cook. 

And I am so thrilled that it is the weekend.  The only thing I have to do is attend a birthday party tomorrow, which I am looking forward to.  The rest of the weekend, I plan to just rest and lounge.  No house work.  No errands.  Heck, I don't think I'll even do laundry. 

And after today, I only have 7 more work days until Thanksgiving break.  I can't wait!!

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Priscilla said...

eh, I have weeks like that too. Some nights I just want to sit in a corner alone and not be bothered by anyone. It's hard when I have days or weeks like that then come home to a crying needy child...