Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Shopping

This year, I've done all of my Christmas shopping online.  I really didn't plan to, but it ended up being easier and saving money.  On Black Friday, most retailers offered the same deals online as in the store, plus, I looked on RetailMeNot and was able to find coupon codes for free shipping, a discount, or both.  Additionally, I use Ebates when I order online (and remember) and get cash back.  Last Christmas, we got a check back for about $30.  And you can't beat getting paid to shop.  As you do your shopping, you should check these out!

So far, I've only had 2 small mishaps, but both were quickly resolved.  And out of about 20 holiday packages, 2 problems isn't bad.  One problem was with an order placed at Express.  The items ended up being out of stock after I placed the order and I was bummed because they were 40% off that day.  The customer service was AMAZING.  She told me what colors they had in the sizes I needed, gave me the 40% off, plus an extra 15% off for my troubles AND free overnight shipping.  She was so friendly and so willing to help.  The other problem was with the postal service.  The had a "substitute" carrier who placed my package in the wrong box.  After filing a claim, the package was quickly returned. 

And the best part, it's so fun to see what package will be waiting for me each day!

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Chas said...

I also have been shopping online this Christmas. Mainly, because we are over seas and all my favorite stores are in the states. I am crossing my fingers I won't have any problems. I didn't know about these 2 websites you used. I always just spend more to get free shipping, your way sounds better! Thanks for posting them!