Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick as a Dog

This little guy has been a bit under the weather lately.  It started last Sunday night.  I had just turned off the TV and was about to fall asleep when Sam jumped up and started coughing, wretching, and belching.  The fit lasted about 5-10 seconds and then everything was fine.  Ten minutes later, it happened again.  And then it happened again.  At this point, I got a little concerned and got online.  The first thing I came across was bloat.  I was terrified!  I called Anthony numerous times with no answer and finally called the station in a panic.  He calmed me down and assured me it was nothing.  By the time I was done talking to Anthony, he was fine and playing with Frankie. 

The next night, nothing.  But then it started back up Tuesday night, not as bad though.  I did more research and decided that it wasn't bloat and everything I read said if the cough continued for 5 days to see a vet.  Well, the coughing continued off and on.  So, on Friday I took him into the vet and he said he had bronchitis and tracheitis (or something like that).  So, just like when I had bronchitis, he's on an antibiotic and a steriod.  Unlike me, he takes his with peanut butter.  And thank goodness the coughing has gotten better and so has my sleeping!

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