Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Pain in the Neck

This accident has been a pain in the neck...literally and figuratively.

My neck pain has not gone away.  Instead, it has began causing headaches and keeping me awake at night.

They have totaled my car.  It is a relief to know I will not be recieving a damaged vehicle when it is all said and done.  And while I am excited about getting a new car, I do not love the process.

But, life goes on. 


Just Another MilSpouse said...

This really sucks. I'm sorry, whiplash is not fun. It's such a common thing that can happen with a very minor accident (your's was CERTAINLY not minor though) yet it can cause pain for days and days.

I really hope you start feeling better soon, maybe you should go have it checked out to make sure it's nothing more serious. Looking at your car I'd say you sustained a pretty decent hit.

As for the car situation, it's too bad insurance takes so long to get it done but getting a new car is nice. What do you think you'll get?

Stacie said...

Hope you start to feel better soon!