Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break

I am officially two days into my spring break.  I have been counting down this week for months.  You would think I had a great trip or something planned as excited as I have been; however that is not the case. 

My spring break began with a trip home to see my family.  We spent Friday night at Gran's, but were kicked out the next night.  Apparently we kept Sam from being able to sleep Friday night and when I woke up Saturday Gran suggested we go stay at Mom and Dad's Saturday night so everyone could sleep better.  I happily went and got much more sleep!  It was a great trip home and Gran was feeling great.  Mom, Gran, and I took a shopping trip Saturday while Dad and Anthony went to the gun show and electronic stores.  It was hard to come back today.

Now that I am back I am happy to have week days off to get things acomplished.  Normally I run around between 4 and 5 trying to get things done and I spend my conference period on the phone and lunch is scarfed down in 25 minutes.  I plan to have lunch dates with friend and my husband, get a pedicure, do some shopping, continue taking care of stuff from the wreck, get a few doctor appointments in and just get everything in order. 

I hope to come out of this week feeling rested and stress free.  I hope to get caught up enough on everything that I can make it until the end of May. 

So, to those of you who work in schools or have kids who are out for spring break, what do you have planned?

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Stacie said...

Good luck relaxing! I don't get a spring break so I'm definitely jealous :-)