Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to Reality

It's back to reality now.  No more lazy days.  No more sitting in my pajamas until 2 every day.  No more weekly shopping trips with mom.  No more vacation to see Kimmie.  It's time to get back to work.  I have very mixed feelings about this.

On the plus side, I am one step closer to Anthony being done with this deployment.  I will have a routine to keep me busy.  I will be surrounded by 20 kids who love me unconditionally.  I will be doing something I love.

I started back unofficially today.  I helped with registration and started working in my room.  Moving grades means moving rooms.  Moving rooms means a gaint mess!  And I hate messes!  I'll be back up there tomorrow to paint some book shelves, place furniture where I want it and start getting settled.  As much as this part of teaching stresses me out, I love it. 

Look for some progress pictures of the room and some first grade fun stories coming soon!  Until then, I'll leave you with one more pictures from my trip.

Us case the flying hair didn't give it away.

And by the way, head over to Cupcakes Take the Cake and check out Kimmie's guest post and leave some love.

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*kimmie* said...

Yay for silly kid stories, I've missed those! And thanks for the love!