Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letter From Sam

Before you begin to read this, yes, we are that couple that when talking to our dogs refer to ourselves as Mommy and Daddy.  Anyway, here was an email Anthony recieved after my drive from my parents house.   

Dear Daddy,
Please get home soon. Mommy is threatening to get rid of me. It all started because my gran gave me foods Mommy doesn't let me eat. Well, those foods gave me awful gas. So, on the ride home I was tooting. A lot. Mommy stopped to see if I needed to go to the bathroom since I kept tooting. We were standing in the grass and I was checking things out when I spotted a door. I thought there was something exciting behind that door and took off. I was so excited that I didn't listen when mom said no and stop. I also did not notice that she had fallen to the ground and I pulled her about 10 feet. She is very mad at me. She has a scraped arm and foot and keeps complaining that her arm, side, leg and foot hurt. Please hurry home and save me.

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