Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Again

It's been a while.  I know.  After Anthony's birthday, for like 5 or so days, I didn't have much to write about.  I am pretty sure you didn't want to hear about my colonoscopy and EGD (GI endoscopy) and the lovely stomach bug my whole family had.  And I decided to spare you the fun of trying to fit 4 days worth of cool weather clothes into one carry on bag (quite  a feat for one who overpacks). 

And then on Thursday, I left for San Francisco to see Kimmie and celebrate her birthday.  We had an AMAZING weekend filled with so much fun that it's not going to fit into one blog.  So, I'm going to break it into segments, because I KNOW you want to read all about what we did.  And if you don't, just pretend.

So, today, I'll start with an overview and some of my favorite pictures.

Fly to SF.  Go to Kimmie's.  Eat amazing home cooked dinner.  Catch up.

My itenerary and welcome gift.

Lunch.  Pedi and mani.  Shopping.  Birthday Dinner.

Us in downtown SF

Napa Valley winery tours.

Sterling Winery

Fisherman's Wharf.  Sailboat tour. Ghiradelli Square.  Japanese Tea Garden. 

Breakfast.  Train ride.  Fly home.

Note: Almost all of the pictures will be from Kimmie. She's way better at me at remembering to carry around a camera and capture everything.


Brittney said...

Can't wait to read more about your trip! Looks like you had a great time! I love the welcome gift and itinerary!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Oh your trip sounds great!!! I'm so stinkin jealous you were at Ghirardelli! I LOVE their dark chocolate. We always go to their ice cream shop at Disney World eat till we want to die :)