Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Grade Fun-Days 1 & 2

My brain is too tired to put together a cohesive post, but I wanted to post about my first two days of school, so bullet points it is.

*I have 20 kids.  Eleven are students  from last year.  They are a very chatty bunch, but I'm so happy to spend another year with them.
*Since I was a kindergarten teacher last year and a first grade teacher this year, one student asked if I'm going to 2nd grade next year.
*I don't think I'm going to have one student that I am able to write lots about like last year.  There's really not any real behavior problems.  Thank goodness!
*Today I went to sit down in my chair at the front of the class and I totally missed the chair.  I'm really not sure what happened.  It was funny and a great chance to explain how to be a good friend when someone gets hurt.  But, did it really have to be on the day I was wearing a dress?  I never wear dresses to work. 
*I may have walked out of the bathroom today with the back of my dress all tucked up.  Perhaps I should not wear a dress to work again.
*I forgot that one thing I don't like about the first weeks of school is that I have to be really strict to set my expectations for the year.
*I am thrilled to be teaching first grade and not kindergarten.  There haven't been any screaming or fit throwing kids during the first week of school!

It is now time for bed.  I am exhausted, both physically and mentally. 

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