Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sam and the Sprinkler

Earlier in the summer, I wrote about how my grandmother let Sam play in the sprinkler and how much he loved it.  Well, we're back home and I don't have a back yard or a water hose.  But, I do have a large area behind our apartment.  So, we went outside to play since he had been stuck in his crate a while today.  I let him off his leesh.  I threw the balll.  He chased the ball and ran back to me.  I then went after the ball (he's not real good at fetch) and threw it again.  We repeated this cycle several times and then he took off towards the apartment.  I was afraid he had spotted some poor, innocent person to lick to death.  But then he stopped. 

He spotted a sprinkler.  He was so excited.  He began trying to catch the water.  By the time I could get to him and get him away he was soaked. 

Anyway, I got him all dried off and came inside to call my grandmother.  I expected her to laugh.  Oh no, she was so excited that he was able to play in the sprinkler.

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Brittney Galloway said...

Too funny! I've never seen a dog do that!