Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being a Grown Up... not as fun as I once thought it would be.

I used to love the idea of not having to go to school, owning my own car, being married, and being a grown up.  Now, I find it a bit stressful.

I hate all the decisions that Anthony and I have to make.  We thought we had a plan for the next year, only to find out that it may not all work out.  Now we are stuck trying to figure out what to do.  I sure miss when big decisions were made for me.

I hate having to worry about finances.  This past summer we were able to pay off our credit cards and begin saving.  We've been saving for the past several months and want to continue doing so.  And then I have to go to the much dread dentist.  Come to find out, even though I brushed and flossed and my teeth don't hurt, I have dumb ol' cavities.  Too many.  And I have to have them filled which costs a bunch of money.  I sure miss when Mom and Dad paid for those!

I hate having to take care of my car.  Thank goodness that it was only a bad battery last week and the dealership replaced it for free because it was under factory warranty.  But, still, I have to wash the car and have the oil changed and take care of that thing.  And gas is getting ridiculous!  I miss carpooling with friends in elementary school!

But, I guess it's not all that bad.  I do get to live with my  husband who is also my best friend.  I get go to a job that I absolutely love.  I get to cook whatever I want to cook (even though I don't always want to cook).  I get to go where ever I please.  And my allowance sure beats what it did when I was living with my parents!

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