Friday, January 7, 2011

The Small Things

It's the small things that make such a difference sometimes. 

I've questioned myself alot as a teacher lately.  I really haven't been the teacher I once was.  I used to get complimented for how I talked to my kids and then this year people have commented on how loud I am.  I don't like that one bit and I've been worried about how it's affected the kids in my class.

Well, today I noticed a little girl with pearl earrings.  I had never noticed her wearing them before and so I complemented her.  Here's how the conversation went:

Me:  I like your earrings A.
A:  Thanks.  I got them pierced yesterday.
Me:  That's really exciting.  Did you know those are like my earrings? (I wear pearl earrings all the time and had them in today)
A:  I know! (in a rather excited tone)
Me:  Is that why you got them?
A:  Yeah.

Just a little conversation, nothing impressive said.  But, the fact that she admires me enough to get earrings like mine, says that I haven't been as bad of a teacher as I thought.

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