Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Murphy's Law

I absolutely, positively HATE Murphy.  Whoever he is.  And yes, I used the H word.  I don't say hate much, but I have had it!!!!

Anthony is away for a TDY.  It's very nice, he's not very far and is able to come home on weekends.  However, Murphy has taken this opportunity to make my life miserable!  It started last week, Wednesday to be exact.  I came home to NO heat.  It took the poor maintenance man 3 trips to my house to sort of get it working so I could make it through the night.  I survived, I was moving on.

Until this morning, when I went to get in my car.  I wasn't moving at all.  The car wasn't even starting.  Anthony had just said that I should take the car to get the battery checked sometime this week.  Perhaps we should have done it then.  Anyway, I had to call around and after 3 tries found a friend who sent her husband to pick me up while she covered my morning duty.  I hitched a ride home and currently waiting on the apartment maintenance staff to come jump start my car so I can take it to the dealer. 

So, you got me Murphy.  I have been completely flustered all day.  Please leave me alone!

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Kim said...

It's classic when the hubs is away all hell breaks loose at home. You think "Murphy" would leave Mil spouses alone already. :) Hope your week gets better.