Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothing New

Frankie sits like this when I leave to go to the pool. Now Sam's trying to be like Frankie.

I don't really have anything fun to post. But it's been almost a week, so I felt I needed to blog. So, get ready for some randomness.

1. I am sick for the first time since moving to the middle of nowhere. I think 1 sinus infection in almost 5 months is pretty good, especially for me. But I am not enjoying this! The doctor gave me Singulair to help with the allergies and I didn't sleep last night. When I'm sick, I want and NEED to sleep. So, today I am not real pleasant.
2. Still no job, but I am looking at the positives. For the first time in years, I am not stressed out about lesson plans, decorating and organizing a classroom, or students that just can't behave. I get to sit and home, read blogs, go to the pool, and relax. Also, I get to spend full days with Anthony when he's off. If I had a job, I couldn't enjoy all these things.
3. I am so ready for football to start. I love professional football. I played fantasy football last year and won. I'm really trying to get a league started, but I think the guys are scared I will beat them again.
4. Our one year wedding anniversary is just 1 month away!

Maybe something exciting will happen soon and I'll have something to blog about.

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Alicia R. Camp said...

I completely understand about being at home. Yes the stress level is great, but I am a bit bored too! Now that my man is working full time I have to find things to occupy my time. Just been two days now that I have been home and I am stir crazy! The rain just stopped so maybe I will get to ride my bike. :-) Your puppy is sooooo cute!!!!!! Well, enjoy the time with Anthony, that is most important for now.