Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trip Home

While Anthony was gone, Frankie and I would go home to see my family about twice a month. It was just about a 90 minute drive. I love being around my family and in a safe and familiar place where I have no responsibilities. I find it pretty relaxing. Since moving, I've gone home a couple times, but Anthony hasn't been able to go. He only has three days off in a row once every 2 weeks. Other than that, he works 24 on and then 24 off.

Well, we finally found a time that we could go. So, when Anthony got off work on Monday we loaded up the car with our stuff and the dogs stuff and started the 4 hour drive. Sam did great, however, Frankie refused to be in the backseat with him. Here are a couple of pictures from the drive. Sam only rode in the front for a couple minutes. He wasn't impressed, and was much happier laying across the backseat.

We did very little while we were there. Just lots of being lazy. This was Sam's first trip to my parents'. Their dogs (2 miniature schnauzers) were not at all impressed with him. They spent most of the time hiding from him. Here's a picture of our little family while we were at home.

I'm very excited. Tomorrow we are heading back to Arlington to go see a Rangers game. I lived there 6 years and never went to a game, but now that I don't live there, we decide to go.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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*kimmie* said...

Cute family picture!